What I Was Doing On The Farm This Week

Where my attention has been this week.


Nick Maggiulli blends Malcolm Galdwell’s Tipping Point into the investment landscape and asks What Is Your Financial Tipping Point?

Patrick O’Shaughnessy presented his 3rd Quarter Investor Letter with a deep dive into answering the question of whether there is alpha within factor investing as it relates to stock share buybacks.

Ben Carlson elaborates on The Worst Kind of Bear Market with a review of shallow and deep risks along with the impact of inflation on performance.  Ben follows that up with an article summarizing fixed income’s role in a portfolio give the aforementioned inflation risk.

Morgan Housel riffs on rapid growth in Venture Capital with excerpts from Starbucks and Warren Buffett in Haste Makes Waste.


Ted Seides’ conversation with Michael Schwimer takes a dive into baseball, analytics, and finance.  Its a great one!

Enjoyed this conversation getting to know more about Brad Sherman of Sherman Wealth Management.  Brad is able to communicate complex ideas to an audience that may not have much personal finance knowledge and definitely knows his stuff!


Bill Simmons discusses Jonah Hill’s new Movie mid 90s as well as his professional influences on his Podcast.  The soundtrack to the movie is available on Spotify here, which I happen to think is an excellent idea.  And, a peep at teenage girl culture is back like Forrealeze.

I attended a UVA football game in Charlottesville and had a great time with my son.  UVA even won!



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