What I Was Doing On The Farm This Week


Famed investor Joel Greenblatt shared a market overview and discussed where he thinks his firm’s strategy stands given today’s market environment.

There were a lot of Seinfeld references on FinTwit this week.  Cliff Asness asks whether, given his firm’s relative underperformance, they should adopt a George Costanza (ie. do opposite) portfolio?

Josh Brown writes a tour de force on the political impact on markets that is simply excellent.  A must read here.

Michael Batnick shows the grinding nature of a bull market and the quick destruction a bear market wreaks on portfolios.

Ben Carlson asks whether the stock market can predict the next recession?


While combing through the Investor Field Guild Podcast archives I stumbled upon two excellent episodes I hadn’t listened to before.

  • The first was the interview between Patrick (son) and Jim (father) O’Shaughnessy where some backstory I wasn’t familiar with is shared as well as a bunch of (surprise) book recommendations.
  • The second was a discussion with Ted Seides elaborating upon his famous bet with Warren Buffett.  It’s part of a larger conversation with a separate podcast including both Patrick, Ted, and Brent Beshore that’s just filled with intellectual firepower.

Thursday was a big day of literally getting some important things done on the farm and a trip to the big city.  Look for a rundown on that this weekend.



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