Thursday On The Farm

I had a very productive day recently that was the perfect mix of farming and investment focus that I wanted to share in more of a journal format to document this great day.  I took the day off work to focus some individual attention on some personal goals.  I thought this might be an appropriate way to show these worlds colliding.

I spent the morning sorting cattle and vaccinating calves.  I had borrowed a second bull from a friend so I also needed to sort the bull away from the cows so that he could be picked up to go to another farm.

I wrote another post about the herd behavior in cattle and how it relates to investor behavior. I was able to capture one of the concepts I explained.

You can watch it here.  We used the grain bucket and a come cow call and the girls came just like we wanted.


Honestly, things aren’t perfect on the farm and we did have to do this in two groups because we had some bad behavior hold-outs.  And, then we still had two cows and six calves to get into our sorting area.  The calves were more important to get up than the cows because they needed vaccinations.  But, you pretty much have to have the cows going where you want because the calves follow the mammas.  We had to build a temporary fence to create a lane and we finally got the final group where we wanted them.

It ended up being a beautiful Fall day in Charlottesville and the remainder of the work with the cattle went well.

img_1672Once I got cleaned up and ate a late lunch I got in the car for the investment half of my day that involved driving up to Washington DC for a Financial Twitter meetup organized by Jamie Catherwood (@jfc_3_).  I hit the road with a bunch of podcasts loaded on the phone.  I listened to a few of Justin Castelli’s All About Your Benjamins podcasts.  I enjoyed his guest line-up.  I also brushed up on some of Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Investor Field Guide podcast archives.  My drive through rural Central Virginia before I got to Culpepper was beautiful.  I saw lots of hay being made.  Once I got near Culpeper I hit Route 29 and then I took Interstate 66 East to the Vienna Metro.

The traffic wasn’t bad since I was heading the opposite direction of most commuters.  I’ve always enjoyed public transit since the semester I spent in London and was able to continue listening to podcasts and check Twitter on the train.  The restaurant we met at was a less than 10 minute walk from the Dupont Metro station.

I was able to spend a lot of time talking with a varied group of financial advisors and finance industry professionals.  I really enjoyed meeting and talking a good bit with Brad Sherman @shermanwealth, Chris Rivers @ChrisRiversAFM, Jeremiah Lowin @jlowin, Troy Springer @TSprings11, Errol Clarke @iamerrolclarke, and Liam Marmo @LTMarmo.  I also got to say hi to one of finance twitter’s best writers Morgan Housel @morganhousel.

What a great group of guys with common interests and strong intellects who came together for great conversation.  The FinTwit continually amazes me.  The ability to meet people on social media and then meet them personally is incredible.

Social media provides more than a warm introduction and people can meet already knowing a little bit about one another.  The business opportunities of this concept should not be forgotten.  Relationships with potential clients can also be built in this manner where a bond is formed before an initial contact is made.

I probably hung-out for about three hours and had an incredible time before heading back underground into the Metro.  By the time I got to my car, grabbed some food, and was back on the interstate it was close to midnight and about 1:30 before I got home.

Getting up at 6:00 made for much less sleep that I’m used to, but the whole day and night were entirely worth it.  I hit the pillow feeling exhausted, but my heart was completely full.



One thought on “Thursday On The Farm

  1. Justin

    This one was the best yet! I understood everything this time. I enjoyed the pics too, especially of the cows by fence. What a beautiful scene. The sky was so very blue.

    Love you…….Mom

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