What I Was Doing On The Farm This Week


Barry Ritholtz discusses what he’s learned about America recently in Trump The Revealer.  An excellent; yet disturbing blend of politics and finance that Barry does so well.

Jesse Livermore & the OSAM crew give us Alpha Within Factors.  When a trade gets crowded the strategy’s alpha declines.  They’re now looking at the new frontier for tomorrow’s outperformance.

  • Patrick O’Shaughnessy follows up the article with a strong tweet storm.

Blair duQuesnay discusses retirement savings and asks What If Your Goal Isn’t The Max?  This allows us to ponder how the average American can still retire wealthy with a good standard of living without maxing-out there 401k.

What’s wrong with quant investing?  Many believe it’s temporary and this article shows what’s been going on in the space in 2018.

Michael Batnick discusses how our past investing experiences impact our future expectations and behavior in I Remember When.  Many describe this phenomenon as anchoring.  The GFC may always be my anchor.

Some say that more investment crimes have been done with a spreadsheet than with any other tool.  Just don’t blame math.

Ben Carlson Tiny Improvements, Big Results.  We gain weight slowly; its inconceivable on a daily basis.  The same holds true in investing.  I mean, basically just read anything that Michael and Ben write.  They’re all good!

Nick Maggiulli looks at the McRib Effect, explaining the difference between causality and correlation.


Justin Castelli introduces us to finance history guy Jamie Catherwood.

Barry Ritholtz’s MIB has a sit down with the renowned psychology of influence expert and how that relates to business Dr. Robert Cialdini.


Ben Carlson provided a recommendation of Netflix’s Bodyguard.  My wife and I really enjoyed this show.  One of the best since we watched Killing Eve earlier in the year.  Common theme; British accents and they’re both excellent.  There’s a review here.



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