What I Was Doing On The Farm This Week


Josh Brown posted Playing With Fire about a book that weaves together the history of American exceptionalism and how our unique values coupled with today’s media and social media have forged a society that is highly oppositional, irrational, and just hard to govern.

Corey Hoffstein authored The Yield Is Gravity and for anyone that enjoyed Cliff Asness’ Ragnarock piece, you should definitely give this one a read as well.  Corey’s humility is refreshing and his confidence in his process is comforting.

Wes Gray and the team at Alpha Architect ask Are Value and Momentum Dead?  The answer for value is very thought-provoking.

Morgan Housel’s “long-form” (sit down with a small cup of coffee) How This All Happened about the post World War II economy and how it shaped American values in the decades to come and how that is manifesting itself today is a must-read.  This makes the History major in me so pleased.


The conversation on The Investor’s Field Guide with Cliff Asness might be one of my favorite of the year.  It’s in the Ringer’s rewatchable (relistenable?) category.  Here’s a link.

Ted Seides sat down with Michael Lombardi and discussed his history in the NFL and leadership in general that is applicable to any industry.  We get some Belichick, Al Davis, and Bill Walsch insight along the way.  Here’s a link.



So, the Ritholtz gang got Josh, Michael, and Ben together.  The topic is important and the commardarie between the group is amazing.  Hop over for a quick video on Youtube.

The family had the opportunity to catch the re-make of Th Grinch.  It was pretty enjoyable.  If you like the original seeing the animation and the soundtrack be refreshed will also be entertaining.  Here’s one of the tunes.


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