I’m a Charlottesville, Virginia based professional with a variety of interests and a diverse background.  My family and I live on a 5th generation cattle farm and enjoy gardening.  I’ve worked in financial services, real estate, and construction.


I became interested in investing during high school.  This was during the time of the tech boom.  My interest in financial planning started in college and afterward, I worked for the Vanguard Group.  My dad has a small financial planning business and has been a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) since the mid-1980s.  After Vanguard, I started working in real estate, weathered the Great Financial Crisis, and am currently in the construction industry.  I got an MBA during that time period and am currently taking Certificate in Financial Planning courses.

I hope to share my journey and some of my interests.  If you’re interested too I hope you’ll join in the discussion.